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Account Reconciliation & Claim Management

Account Reconciliation & Claim Management


enewcleus team manages all your orders in standard format excel sheet and shares with you in a timely manner.

This really helps a lot in reconciliation of your account with the marketplace


Payment Tracking

We keep a constant watch on payment cycles of the marketplace. This helps you in projecting and planning the required investment and return for all coming months and festive seasons

Marketplace wise Reconciliation

Here you get the real insights as which marketplace is best and which one is working average for your product segment

Our dedicated team prepares a marketplace specific reconciliation report with respect to orders and payments received


Claim Management

Any deviation in the previous step calls for a claim to be raised. Your dedicated account manager keeps a constant watch on your reconciliation sheet and raises the claim as and when required.


We never leave the things unfinished. We make sure that your dedicated account manager takes routine followup regarding your reimbursement from respective marketplace, and follows this procedure until the requested amount is credited back to your account


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