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Why should I opt for selling online?

Looking at the growing realm of e-commerce, the presence of seller is very important on online Market Places. The Domestic e-commerce market (B2C) is growing very fast. Rise of the middle class consumers and changing shopping habits are adding to online shopping demography. Therefore to cash this opportunity, every seller should sell online, to grow their business domestic and worldwide.

What is the meaning and full form of SKU?

The full form of SKU is “Stock Keeping Unit”. In the field of inventory management, a stock keeping unit or SKU is a distinct type of item/ product for sale, and all attributes associated with that item type that distinguishes it from other item types. For a product, these attributes could include, but are not limited to, manufacturer, description, material, size, colour, packaging, and warranty terms.

What services and benefits does enewcleus provide?

Enewcleus provides end to end services that are required by a seller for selling their product online. These services include:
1 Account Opening of the client

2 Providing guidelines for Photo-shoot

3 Master Catalogue Development

4 One time Listing & Maintenance

5 Order Management

6 Inventory Management

7 Payment Reconciliation

8 Return Management

9 Claim Management

10 Customer Support

11 Product Optimization

12 Account Health Management

13 Negative Feedback Management

14 Ratings, Review & Feedback Management

15 Product Research Reports with Analysis

16 Promotion Participation on Marketplaces

Why should I pay to enewcleus, when my existing staff can do the online selling job?

If the seller manages his online business on his own, then he requires trained staff for managing it. The cost of paying that entire staff is very high and then too the sellers cannot rely completely on the staff. He needs to monitor that staff on regular basis. On the other hand, with enewcleus he can completely relax and focus on his core business, while a team of experts manage his online business on his behalf, that too at an affordable price.

My Offline business is giving me good results. Why should I sell online?

Traditional businesses have been running from decades and they give good results also. But today, the market scenario is changing very fast, and adjusting with change is the most important factor for growing. At present almost in every home there is at least one person who shops online & the number of online shoppers is growing every year.  Therefore a seller should be present on all the markets platforms where his buyer can be. To remain/ sustain at top online, selling is very much important.

Which types of products are good for selling online?

All those products that are utilized by the buyer directly, like electronics, apparel, footwear, Kitchenware, accessories etc … are good for online selling.

Why seller should trust enewcleus?

We have worked for more than 100 sellers in domestic market, & have more than 90 satisfied clients internationally. Some of the top Brands are our clients. For getting feedback of our work, seller is requested to visit our testimonials’ section.

Secondly, we have a dedicated team of experts, whose prime objective is Customer Satisfaction.

Do you provide free demo service?

As we are not selling software but providing services, so we do not provide free demo. Here we recommend you to start with our basic package and we assure you of giving best results.

How can enewcleus help Sellers already selling online but not getting good results?

Enewcleus assures you of providing better results by working on very important aspects like optimising product listings, improving image quality, enhancing the quality of product description, managing negative feedback and low ratings of the product.

Will I be able to manage my offline business efficiently after starting online business?

Of-Course. After tying up with enewcleus, we will manage your online business and will send you the update regarding your business at regular intervals. This makes you free from managing your online store and therefore you can easily focus on your offline business.

Can the Seller get Packing and Dispatch assistance?

If the Seller doesn’t want to pack/ dispatch the product himself, then he can use the Ware-House facility provided by Market Places. In such case the seller has to pay charges (as applicable) to the respective Market Places as per their terms and policies.

What all KYC documents are necessary for online registration?

b) CST (Amazon & Snapdeal)
c) Address proof
d) Id proof
e) Trademark certificate/Brand authorization certificate/Brand approval letter

Are Trademark/ Brand Authorization Letter required for Product Listing?

Marketplaces want to remove all the fake sellers from selling duplicate/ first copy products online, so for the same they ask for all supporting documents for cross checking the genuineness of a seller.

We work for first finding out the exact problem areas & than correcting the problem areas for better results i.e. boosted sales.

What will be the mode of payment of enewcleus fee?

The payment can be made through Cheque/ NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS or Pay-U-Money.

What is the return policy of Market Places?

Every Market Place has its own return policy, which differs from product to product. Usually the buyer can initiate return within 7 days for most of the Categories.

Will the courier charges be paid by Seller?

Yes, the courier charges are paid by seller, but we add the courier charges when calculating the selling price of the product. Also we add-on all the commission and other charges levied by the individual marketplaces so that all the expenses incurred by the seller are included in his selling price and then with the help of competitive research we decide the best Selling price for Sellers’ product.

Who will pack the order?

In all cases, the ordered product has to be packed by the seller, as per specifications to respective Market Place.

What can be done to reduce returns?

Firstly, Proper packing of the products/orders is required to reduce the chances of damage and hence resulting in lesser returns.

Secondly, in case of shipping, the shipped product (order) should be the same which is order by the buyer. No variation of colour or pattern should be there.

Thirdly, product quality should not vary and should fall in accepted standards.

Why is there a huge difference between the selling price and vendor price?

To arrive at the selling price on Market Place, three costs are added to the price provided by the Seller. These are:

1)        Payment Gateway Charges

2)        Market Place Commission

3)        Logistics Charges (charged either on volumetric weight or dead weight whichever is higher)

Can you provide the logistic tie-ups?

The logistics partner is provided by the Market Place itself. But in case if the seller wants to ship his orders by himself some of the portals do allow that.

We find Online selling process very difficult?

Indeed it is. But enewcleus makes it very easy for seller to go for online, Sell Easy and Sell More. Enewcleus also provides International Platform to the seller.


Why should I commission market research?

Do you tend to make business decisions based on your experience, the facts known to you, or your intuition? here is nothing wrong with intuition and common sense. They are a natural part of decision making in business – we all do it. However, when decisions require large financial resources and where the costs of failure are high, you need robust and reliable data. You need market research.

The purpose of market research – reducing risk – whether you are looking to enter a new market, build your position in the market, create a new brand, find out how satisfy your customer or employee are, target market more efficiently, develop a new product, the purpose of market research is to reduce risk for all mentioned pointers.

What is the original contribution of your research?

Research report provides you a detail description about product industry , Top players, their pricing strategy, also provides market potential , strength & weaknesses, govt policy for the same market.

Please refer to the website for detail services

What are the business benefits of secondary research services?

Secondary research is a powerful and efficient tool for those seeking market information as a foundation for a strong business strategy. At Spotlight we have access to a mine of reputable published business information, market sector reports, journals and articles. We can therefore expertly bring together relevant information from a variety of sources in a meaningful report tailored to your needs.

How long will the market research project take?

Delivarables timline (or TAT) is entirely depend on  your (clients) end objectives, ususally a market research take 20-25 working hours to revert with feasible findings.

How do you work out the cost of market research projects?

The key factors affecting cost will be your information needs, the type of research ,and the type and amount of reporting needed. Contact to our CRM team for further detail.

I have range of products, please suggest me which one is best selling product online?

To understand your market potential we need to conduct a product research that provides you, your product online sales potential , pricing strategies and competitors / top player data that help you to take apposite decisions.

I am a establish seller in domestic region, now i want to go for international with the same productline, kindly suggest?

We will conduct a detailed international market & marketplace analysis to find out your product potential on international level, we also suggests you about various international marketplaces/ niche marketplaces; This detailed market Research will also provide you about potential country to tap in with current productline.

I am a offline seller ,want to make my online presence with mimimum product, How online will increase sales?

Offline presence would only attract store visitors but online presence will certainly increase your customer base as all online user will able to take a glance through your product that inceases your product visibility which in turns increases your sales. You will better understand competitors pricing and market potential for your productline .

I want to go for my international presence but not sure about market,policy,potential, geo?

We will do a complete geo-market research that will provide you about potential country to tap in with current productline. We will also notify you about all policy /government hindrances for any new country, sales potential and other required information.

I want to launch a new product on various location (domestic and international) , please provide a report?

Once you have identified new product , we will conduct detail domestic & international research based on their industry and also do competitive analysis for the same to find out top players strategies, market share and other information that help you go for any market. We will also suggest apposite marketplaces (domestic and international both)

I need to understand my product potential online or on international market?

Refer answer 8,9,10

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