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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Logistics Follow-Up

What if the Order is not dispatched to the Customer on time?
Well, This is the most critical part in any online business. We make it sure to constantly follow-up with them and keep you posted.


Manifest or Tracking IDs

We take full responsibility of your Online presence and hence manage every aspect of your online business.

We even manage the Update and Upload of the signed Manifest or Tracking IDs on the portals for smooth functioning and tracking of the deliverable goods.

Post Order Dispatch

We also make sure to take care of all your Customer Related Queries, Post Order Dispatch. This accounts majorly for Product Delivery related queries and Customer Grievances.


Inventory Management

Your dedicated Account Manager from enewcleus puts every effort to keep you posted about frequency of orders so that you may plan your stock accordingly. And hence gives you a competitive pricing advantage.

Inventory on Portals

We not only keep you posted about the Sale frequency, but also keep your inventory on Portals in sync with your offline stock. This makes sure that you never receive a purchase request for a product that is Out of Stock


Return Request

You even get a detailed report about Returns Requests from Customers. We initially try to resolve the issue with our excellent Customer Support team, but in some cases you might be required to provide a Refund or Replacement.

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