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Order Processing

Order Processing

Order Processing


Delivering a quality product to the customer is the most important and crucial part of an Online Business

We make sure that your packaging material is with you when you receive your very first order and all orders thereafter


Marketplace Dashboard

We make sure to keep a constant watch on your marketplace dashboard so as to keep a track of all placed orders.

Your dedicated account manager checks all your dashboards twice a day and updates you with any order that has been placed in your account

Customer Suppport

We act as your dedicated CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We make sure that all your customer queries are answered and they are motivated to buy your product


Order Processing

We make sure that your customer’s order is fulfilled properly and on time. To achieve this we share orders with you that you can get ready to dispatch. And in case the Marketplace is not providing logistic services, we may suggest our associated logistic partners for the same


A manifest is required in order to ship your product. This manifest can be downloaded from respective marketplace website.

Your dedicated account manager takes this responsibility and shares respective manifest via email with you


Manifest & Checklist

Your dedicated account manager prepares a sheet of all orders that you have received and shares with you alongwith the manifest.

Both the data are equally important and helps in quality customer satisfaction and improved courier tracking

Order Sheet

The Order Sheet maintained by our team is updated on a daily basis to keep a track of your inventory.

You are notified on a regular basis about requirement of replenishment of your products


Followup from Seller

Being your dedicated account managers, it is our responsibility to work as a constant reminder of on time delivery and product quality.

Once the manifest is shared with you, we take constant followup from you regarding dispatch and delivery of product to the customer

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