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You want to sell products on Amazon, but you have zero experience, money is also very little to invest and your biggest fear is a failure. To solve these problems, enewcleus is Provided the Amazon Account Management Services. Through which we are trying to launch new sellers & 1000+ sellers have already used our Account Management Services.

Lots of Sellers have few queries.

  • That will you provide a product to sell?
  • Can existing sellers also Use Account management services?
  • Under these services, will you also manage Amazon PPC or Amazon Advertisement?
  • And many more

So, we will answer all these questions & tell you about how you can join us and detailed services explanation.

What is Amazon Account Management Services?

enewcleus Account management services is basically a low-cost account management service for both new & old sellers. in which our entire team will help in launching and managing your complete amazon account.

The Aim Of Amazon Account Management Services

Account Launch – Setup your seller account on Amazon Global, India, USA, UK, Canada & all major countries.

Product listing – upload your 10 products and SEO optimize these listings.

You may be surprised to know this or maybe you already know that most of the sellers fail on Amazon because they only create listings they don’t optimize them. So here, under these services along with creating your listings, these will also be optimized using the right and relevant keywords.

Get Complete Guidance – We provide guidance for, if you get an order, how to process it, how to dispatch it, how to pack it. Basically, every important detail will be told to you in this services.


What Services Will Be Provided Under Account Management Services?

  • Amazon Account Registration – You will get end-to-end from the setup of your account to the launch of your product
  • Brand Registration – If you have your own brand.
  • Cataloging and Listing Optimization – In which up to 10 products will list on Amazon.
  • Paid Promotions & Amazon Advertisement Management – If you want to run ads on your listings, and want to get them managed. That also, enewcleus team will do for you. Just you have to remember one thing, that ad budget is not a part of the program fee and that you can invest according to you.
  • Regular Monitoring of Account Health – Amazon Account Health will be monitored daily so that your account is well managed.
  • Timely Response of Performance Notifications – In case there is any notification or feedback from Amazon or customers that will be shared timely with you.
  • Regular Monitoring of Listings – for any anomalies and timely resolution Listings will be monitored daily to check if they are suppressed or inactive or any important information is missing in them. so you will be informed about all this in time and at the same time, its corrective measures will also be taken by us.
  • Handling communication with Amazon – whatever correspondence has to be done with Amazon Team or case log to be filed, or any matter needs to be resolved, that our team will take care of. You don’t have to take any tension, that you will have to talk to Amazon.
  • Competitor Analysis – Very important aspect of eCommerce Business Competitors related to your category will be identified and you will be guided on how to compete with them.
  • Guidance related to policies and best practices – You will be told about all important policies, so that you, don’t face any problem in your Amazon Business in the future.
  • Complete Guidance for prevention of account suspension – You will be given all information regarding for what reasons your account can be suspended and how you can prevent it from getting suspended.

Who all are eligible for Amazon Account Management Services?

  1. You should have any seller account on any Amazon marketplace.
  2. If You should be a new seller, All your documents should be complete, as per the Amazon guidelines. You should have PAN no., GST, Bank Details, If you are thinking of selling branded products, then you should have a brand authorization letter. Whether you are planning to sell a generic or branded product, you should have printed invoices with relevant details of the supplier are GST No., address, etc., it should not at all be handwritten.
  3. You should have at least 1 product to sell on Amazon.

These are the 3 eligibility criteria that you have to fulfill to register in our services

Now let’s Contact Us about what is the fee of Amazon Account Management Services

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We provide support not just for Sales Boost but we manage your complete online business so you can focus on the core!

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We believe clients should have access to experienced e-commerce experts without bothering about the charges.

100% Assured Assistance

We assure guaranteed assistance for every problem that arises in online business and to resolve it as quickly as possible

20X jump in sales

Our Clients have seen more than 20 times jump in their online sales with our awesome account management services.

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We offer custom packages based on your products, categories and account status, etc. Packages depend on your needs

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We are dedicated to helping Amazon sellers to put their best foot forward!

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