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What Is Listing Optimization?

Amazon Listing Optimization is The process of enhancing the Amazon Product listing to improve the organic rankings & sales.

Amazon SEO or Amazon Product Listing Optimization is the most important to sell on Amazon successfully. With the help of enewcleus Amazon listing Optimization or Amazon SEO services, you will rank product listings and increase sales easily. It is extremely important to optimize product listings on Amazon if you want long-term results. Without properly optimizing product listing on Amazon, even PPC or sponsored ads will not work efficiently.

We will help you with all the basic and most important concepts of Amazon Selling Business to help you start or grow your Amazon Business the right way.

At Amazon, there are lots of listings that are not optimized with the right methods, either you don’t know what is listing optimization or down know how to optimize amazon listings, The reason is whatever but listing optimization plays a huge role in increase sales

Two Things To Focus While Optimizing Listings

-Optimised with potential & Relevant keywords

-Optimised with right set of images, title, description, and bullet points

Amazon listing Optimization important facts: Four factors that buyers see in the first 30 seconds i.e. Images, Titles, Price, Review

Listings Optimization Checklist You have To Follow:

1.Product Title :

Do’s of Product Title

  • Include potential keywords
  • Use Brand name
  • If the product is a multi-pack, mention the quantity
  • Uses primary keywords or search terms as long tail variations
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word
  • Include USP (unique selling point)
  • Include color, model number, & series
  • Do not go beyond 200 characters
  • Write numbers like numerals

Don’t of Product Title

  • Capitalize all the words
  • Use special characters or HTML tags
  • Include subjective adjectives like fantastic, awesome, great, etc


2.Product Feature or Bullet Points: We already know that product features or bullet points are conveyed customer’s how a product is better for them. Now let’s discuss product bullet points

Do’s of product features

  • List the most important feature in the first two points followed by the less important ones
  • From your competitors, include points that help distinguish your listing.
  • Make sure that the first letter of every bullet point is capitalized

Dont’s of Product features

  • Use a special character or HTML tags
  • Use too many keywords unnecessarily
  • Use terms like unique design, stand out from the crowd, etc
  • Include shipping or promotional information in bullet points.


3.Product Images: We know that quality and clear images help’s in sales increase but for images, we have to follow a few rules image optimization

Do’s of product images

  • Images should be clicked in white light
  • Focus the product at the center
  • Always use main images with the main product
  • Keep the image background white
  • Make sure that the image is large enough to allow the zoom function to work
  • Include an infographic about the product’s benefits to help generate more sales
  • Make sure to use only jpeg(.jpg) file formate

Dont’s of product images

  • Show various views of a product in the main images
  • Include logos, texts, or watermarks
  • Include accessories and other things that you are not selling with the product
  • Include background on the main images

4.Product Description: Product description works like spin the deal for selling a product. With the help of product description, you can try to convey to customers, how this product changes your day-to-day life. now let’s talk about product description Do’s & Dont’s

Do’s of product description

  • Give descriptive and factual information
  • Capitalize the first letter of every sentence
  • Check for grammatical & spelling errors
  • Include color, size, and compatibility information
  • Highlight the important features
  • When writing a new paragraph, give a page break
  • Include the brand name, model number, and series even if they are already used in the title

Dont’s of product description

  • Use time-sensitive or subjective terms
  • Use symbols or special characters
  • Use HTML tags
  • Include shipping or promotional information
  • Include email or web address
  1. Product Search Terms: The last element in Amazon listing optimization is product search terms, this section you will find out in Amazon seller central dashboard. The search term section looks very complicated but it is very easy to use.

Do’s of product search terms

  • Use other primary keywords that you couldn’t use in the product title
  • Include a few other secondary search terms

Dont’s of product search terms

  • Include keywords that you have already used in the title
  • Use brand name again
  • Use subjective terms like available now, best, on sale, etc.
  • Use the seller name
  • Include any detail that causes misinterpretation of the product

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