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Welcome to enewcleus, the agency for online merchants. Brand awareness and trust are without doubt indicators for more sales, The relevancy of these factors isn’t the same from one brand to the other of course. The fact is that they are connected with a positive influence. The same goes for amazon where the motto show doesn’t tell is true as you have to present your brand in an online shop. 

What is Amazon Brand Stores

Long story short, this is about amazon brand stores, it’s a free tool that you can use independently. Sellers and vendors can use it to shape their amazon shops by themselves. The stores can be adjusted in a structured and flexible way to use amazon brand stores sellers and vendors have to enroll on amazon’s brand registry. Contact Us to learn how to do that. The flexibility is shown in the Below images.

Brand Stores Templates

Amazon Brand store allows you to add pictures, video, and text to present your products. this is very good when it comes to products that require some explanation. lifestyle products are being sold because of an emotional response. the product grid is based on the demonstration of the variety of options in your products. this tells the story of your brand in the most suitable way but how is your amazon brand store built up beside the basic design.

Design Your Brand Store

To begin with, you have the cover photo it should clearly show what your brand is all about. since this is the first element that a visitor will see. For example, you can use text-based tiles, You can type up to two lines to explain your brand or product. Products that have to be visually demonstrated can be placed in-store tiles. A good mix of both is given with the product and textiles. While using tiles that contain both pictures and texts concentrate on the name of the product and the short text to describe it. Make it short four to eight words for the name of the product should be enough for the size of the text we suggest it should be on a 50 50 proportion to the picture. Keep it simple to not overwhelm or distract a visitor. As you figured out you have multiple options to present your brand depending on your corporate identity.

Submit your draft for review

What’s the next step after you finish designing your amazon brand storefront go to your amazon seller central and click to submit for review and publish and your amazon store will be submitted for moderation. Keep in mind that you’ll be asked to apply any changes that might be necessary.

Check your draft

To speed up the process you should check your draft for spelling mistakes and make sure that texts can be easily viewed, even on a mobile device. You won’t be able to change your draft as it is reviewing.

Your advantages

the review process can take up to several days to summarize 

Amazon Brand Store offers you

  • A powerful marketing strategy
  • Unique selling propositions
  • Increased visibility and traffic
  • Launchpad for your products

If you are looking for Amazon Brand Store for your brands, you will contact us.

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