3 Mistakes Ecommerce Merchants Make With Mobile Commerce

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Mobile shopping is everywhere and you would hardly see anyone using their desktop to make purchases these days. Since there is a lot of hidden potential with the mobile commerce, you need to gear up and look of every opportunity that might be used as force to speed up your online sales. Here are three of the major mistakes that could lead to mobile E-Commerce failure.

  • You Have Plenty of Time

Actually, you don’t. For people who think that they have all the time of the world to device new strategy and implement it are often the ones who are left behind by the competition. If you have anything in mind, implement it right away. Mobile optimization needs to be looked onto on regular basis and you need to ensure you have a dedicated team for it. It might be possible that major chunk of your buyers might be making the purchases using the traditional ways or using the website from their laptop, but that doesn’t mean that they will never switch to mobile device. You could be moments away from losing them to a competitor who does understand mobile commerce.

  • Only Young People Shop on Mobile Devices

Wrong! You will be surprised to know that most of the people who are in their 40’s or 50’s know how to handle their mobile devices fully and they are using it in their day to day lives. In fact the quarter of the inline shoppers use mobile devices to shop and this is increasing day by day. So if you are not serious about the mobile platform development for your E-Commerce store, you could lose up to 25% of the buyers, which in monetary terms, is huge! It doesn’t matter which age group you are targeting, you must have all the platforms ready when it comes to making sales so that you are able to offer everyone a right solution to make purchase. If you don’t have a mobile application for your store, get it ASAP.

  • Mobile commerce is E-Commerce

If you think that they both are the same thing, then you are wrong! Mobile commerce is different and you need to have a different approach for the same. You need to have proper navigational feed for the mobile website and the payment options that are going to make the purchase process easy for the buyers. The presentation, pictures, menus and everything needs to be optimized to be viewed on a mobile device as well. You should work hard to provide a seamless experience for buyers who are using the mobile device to make purchases. Mobile shopping should be an integral part of your business as it is the future.


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