Why Customer Reviews and Ratings Matter on Amazon?

Amazon is special in many ways and hence, it is one of the most trusted eCommerce stores today. One of the key reasons for Amazon’s popularity and success is its keen focus on customer satisfaction. This, in turn, leaves no room for the FBA Seller to make mistakes while selling any product. Reviews on Amazon are something that can make or break any business, knowing its importance makes absolute sense.

Dimensional Research conducted a research that says- 90% of online customers’ behaviors and buying decisions are influenced by customer reviews. So, if you are someone who is selling on Amazon, then you have come to the right place.

The Significance of Amazon Reviews

Let’s take a look at what makes Amazon feedback rating so important.

Amazon takes care of the trustworthiness of customer reviews

Since the inception, Amazon has implemented very strict policies so as to secure the trustworthiness of customer reviews. Moreover, reviews play a crucial role in the algorithms and the ranking factors on Amazon that makes reviews a topic to be taken seriously. As a seller, if you are caught steering fake or sponsored reviews, you will be banned from Amazon. Thanks to Amazon to maintain such strict guidelines and ensure customer satisfaction.

Reviews are crucial market insights

Selling on Amazon is something that requires great deal of research to make it right. Amazon review analysis tool is available that can help you make the right decisions and list your products in a better way. Reviews are just like mirror of customer’s thoughts, opinions, and their experiences with the particular product.  This also gives you the marketing insights about the type of products that customers are more likely to buy.

Buyers need and like reviews

Seller feedback rating is very important for online customers, especially while buying online. When someone reaches a products page, there’s not much to see. Product image along with the description, the other way an online buyer takes deeper look into the product details is through its reviews and ratings. Hence, as a seller, you must ensure that right reviews are aligned with your products and you can rectify the issues if any negative review comes out.

Reviews lead to rankings

More than 64% of purchases in the technology segment are made on the basis of the reviews and ratings associated with a particular product. This makes reviews and ratings more and more important and easy to understand the fact that customers, prior buying a high-end product will surely look at its review and ratings. Smart sellers like you must always be aware of the fact that reviews are crucial when it comes to attracting potential customers on Amazon.

Higher conversions

Good reviews are necessary if you want to see your business flourishing on Amazon. Quality reviews will lead to higher conversion rate and increase the sales and overall profitability of your business. Reviews play a key role to encourage the customers to shop more and it can help other products to be sold if they exist under the same brand.

Final words

So, as a seller, it is important for you to keep an eye on reviews and ratings your products are getting. This can help you stay ahead in such a highly competitive marketplace. Keep Selling!


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