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Before there were any other options available like Amazon or Flipkart to sell your products and getting the most out of them, most of the manufacturers or sellers had only a few ways to increase their sales. One was the physical marketplace and the other with the partnership channel where established companies helped each other and used to make strategies for marketing their products. But now, you have multiple options such as online marketing, social media marketing, and website marketing and so on.

Choosing the right type of marketing channel for your business can help you in the best possible manner whether you are new to the business or already established your brand reputation.


Here are some of the most useful platforms you can utilize for boosting your sales-

1) Social Media or Digital platform for Direct Reach-


Where do you find the most people searching for brands and products? Online of course. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, all these options have become the most useful marketing channels where you can attract more and more customers to your products. Sellers can promote their products with a dedicated social media marketing team who keeps updating the content and product lists with discounts and offers. This has shown an immense growth for many of the sellers out there.

Why is it successful?

If you have targeted the right audience on the social media platforms, you can see 4 times increase in your sales. For an example, if you are selling handbags, you need to target the female customers who look for classy handbags and related products. This might take time but once you have found the right target, you will get amazing results.


Online Marketplaces:

The online marketplace is another way to sell your products and the best part about these platforms is that these channels can be utilized by everyone. Whether you are a small business owner or a known brand, Amazon, eBay and Flipkart are platforms indirect channels that allow you to reach a wide audience. Being a small business owner, you need that access or people will not be able to know your brand and its quality. Plus, these channels can help you save your marketing costs.



This is the most common yet effective channel for increasing sales of your products. Create your own website, and add the most attractive graphics, content, blogs, and products. Your website development and SEO team will have to dedicatedly work on the website so that when people search products on Google you get ranking. This not only helps you get sales but will help you establish a brand. Website marketing is something you can choose as a long-term goal for your business. Once you are done promoting your product on marketplaces and social media, a website can be a great idea for getting everything right!


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