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Do you have a retail shop?

Are you planning to launch your business online?

IF YES… then this information will be of use to you…


As published by Livemint-

E-commerce sales in India are expected to grow from $14 billion in 2015 to $55 billion in 2018, says a report by marketing research firm eMarketer. Pure-play e-commerce companies such as Flipkart Ltd, Snapdeal (Jasper Infotech Pvt. Ltd) and Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd will see more competition, with brick-and-mortar entities such as the Tata group and the Aditya Birla Group announcing plans to enter India’s growing e-commerce market. “

This clearly indicates that the e-retail market will increase in size, become more competitive and will face issues of customer loyalty, shortage of manpower etc. In reality, for a retailer, online selling could be a saviour for their business only if they work towards it intelligently. And therefore the businesses must compulsorily follow these tips.


Tip 1- Work on Online Marketplaces dedicatedly (As it really works!)-


Dedicated work can bring excellent results. If you have started your business online, take out ample time for product listings, product image uploading, product descriptions, and optimisation. In the rigid competition, there is a need to stand out in the crowd, and an excellently visible product has a better chance to bring success.


Tip 2- Manage negative feedback-


To err is human and if you are an online business owner there is always a chance of it. Errors bring in a negative feedback and if you are facing any such situations, communicate and handle it. If you cannot handle it alone take the aid of experts.


Tip 3- Communicate with consumers-



To succeed in your business venture you have to communicate with your consumer and take their feedback seriously. Customer satisfaction is the key and so a continuous customer engagement is necessary to bridge the gap and make the relationship going strong. A dedicated team of experienced professionals to handle customer queries and ensure customer satisfaction is what you will need in creating an impeccable image in the mind of the consumer.


Tip 4- Know your competition-

Know your competition

To survive in online business and reap profits, you should know your competitor, their prices, and their strategy. For this, you need to perform a detailed research to understand where you stand amidst the competition so that you take further steps for better ranking, increased profit and quality feedback.


Tip 5- Research. More Research… and Implement the required-


The e-commerce world is continuously changing and so you will need loads of research to know the latest trends so that you have all you need to improvise your online store. For this, you have to perform dedicated research for your product and also implement the needful changes on your online store.


Do not have time for all these activities?


We have a solution!-

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If you do not have time for all these activities, do not worry, as enewcleus with its experienced and efficient team can help you with innovative solutions, effective communication, negative feedback management, competitive research solutions and flawless customer handling to achieve optimum sales. We also provide a dedicated team working to keep your online venture going strong. So hand over your online marketplace management to us and we will make it profitable for you.

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