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Many E-commerce stores and companies in India, major players and new ones alike, do some or the other mistakes while closing up a sale that they tend to realise later. Doing mistakes while running a portal is bound to happen and that is something you cannot avoid, but what needs to be done, it to make sure that the same mistake is no happening again. When it comes to electronic commerce, you have to ensure that you are able to serve thousands of orders and are able to meet the demands with the regular supplies. Availability of sufficient stocks is the key here and you have to stick to it.

There were stores in the past who were unable to meet the demands of the orders they got from their line of customers and they failed to deliver the products to them on time. This not only puts a dent on the reputation of the company, but in this process, you also lose some of your loyal customers as well. Apart from meeting the demands, you also have to make sure that you have used the right mix of technology and data analytics to understand the market and the demands of the customers in a far better manner. It should not be just selling the products off the portal and you have to make all the right arrangements to ensure that you are increasing your sales on monthly basis and you are ahead of the competition as well. Many of the E-Commerce stores in India have done some or the other mistakes in the past and they have learnt from it. To keep the sales pointing north, here is what you need to do from time to time.

  • Keep refreshing your user interface. This not only keep the user hooked to your store, but it also makes them explore your line of products in a much detailed manner and thus, they end up making more purchases.
  • Strengthen your technology that is being used on your Ecommerce portals. Keep the communication channels open between the brand and the customers all the time.
  • Update your delivery team so that your products and orders get delivered on time without any lag or delay.
  • Use an ecommerce strategy that allows you to target the rural areas as well. People are getting more and more informative at these parts and it opens up a lot of potential that could be explored.
  • Last but not the least, come up with new and more attractive offers all year round that will that will keep the existing and new customers hooked to your portal always remember to be the first one in the game as it will benefit the foundation of your entire online marketplace


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