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No one ever thought some 10-12 years back that E-Commerce will take the market by storm and small players in the market will have a real tough time competing with the same. All this has happened because the players marketed what they had on offer in the best possible way and this gave people confidence to shop online and order products just by looking at the images. This also meant that people were safe from battling the crowds at the mall and they also saved a lot of time travelling and taking out separate time just for shopping alone. All they had to do was to log on to the website, select the product that they liked and order it. It has become more easy thanks to the introduction of applications and all you need to do is to swipe the products on your Smartphone screen and you will be done with the shopping on the go! Simple!

E-Commerce is going to stay now and it is going to stay strong. So if you are looking forward to get the best from it, you need to follow the trends that will keep you in the loop and will help you to stay par with the competition.

  • Amazon Prime Now

Amazon prime now is quite a new feature and is a definitive step at the right direction. This is designed to save lot of time of the shopper and using this feature, you could order any product that you like fro Amazon and it will be delivered to you within an hour. The list of products that are on offer is huge and it even contains grocery items. In the starting stage, only larger cities will be benefited from this service and it will slowly take the market as whole.

  • 3D Printing Fit

Amazon also worked on the 3D printing module where it offered products that were benefited from it like phone cases, jewelry, guitars, and custom items. However, the current state does not allow you to have a customized design and pattern choices and if you want some really nice looking designs, then you have to pay more for it. Even then, sizes are limited and require assembly after printing. Another issue to address is the availability of the material for printing 3D logos and designs. While the new age 3D printers can print on most of the materials, the products still needs to be purchased and customized according to the user demands. All these indicates that we are heading towards future where E-Commerce holds a lot of promise to people who are looking forward to it and people who are running it. With so many unexplored options and possibilities, it is going to be a very exciting game.


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