Google “Buy Buttons” For Sellers

Google has an added feature now – “Sell on Google” that enables the user to directly make the purchase. This is going to be a game changer in the retail market that is getting dominated on the internet as lot many new players are joining the online retail brigade. With this move, it is going to simplify the online shopping to a great extent and will also push the re-advertising. Google is now standing in the line with Amazon and Ebay in the online retail sales and it will also be giving a tough time to FaceBook that has recently launched store where the buyers have an option to buy directly from groups or company’s page.

When you are going to visit the page where the advertisement is, then you will be greeted by Google buy button at the top of the page. All you have to do is to directly select the button and you will be redirected to the main page, where you will have all the option to select the products size and colours before making the payment. This will directly take you to the landing page that will carry the Google’s brand. Google will also provide the link of the other products as well.

Google has also announced that they won’t be charging any margin in the deals and they will charge on per click basis. If you are going to compare this with the margins that are charged at the other market places, then this stands quite less. This new feature is also expected to hit the Indian markets real soon and lot of retailers like fashion designers & handicrafts, small scale sellers and sellers with unique goods are expected to get benefitted with it by a good margin. This is also going to benefit the other E- Commerce stores as well, as it holds a lot of potential. In the initial stage Google is going to launch this only to be used in the mobile and later they might put this for the use in desktops. Goole also has plans to collaborate with various other market places as well to introduce something real big in E-tail market in India. Sign of good times to come? Let’s wait and watch.


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