Google Deprecates Sidebar Text Ads from Search Results: Ecommerce implementation and benefits

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Google has recently integrated text ads that won’t be showing at the side of the desktop searched. Also known as SERP, they have come down to 7 from total of 11 they used to be and the new layout will incorporate 4 text ads above the organic listing and 3 as maximum at bottom. So, how it is going to help the retail online sellers and Ecommerce stores? Well, to start with, Google has always been the only source using which you can make sure you are promoting your brand and are getting the traffic at your webpage. With Google’s revised Ad Words layout, you can look forward to as much as 80% of the total listings spotted for organic results. So if you are going to use the right SEO strategy, you can get your portal benefited a lot form it. If you were trying hard to get onto the top three spot, this might be the right time to revise your settings and SEO efforts to make sure that your listings are accurate.

Running an Ecommerce store today is the right mix of promotion and search engine rankings to ensure your portal gets all the attention you require for increased sales. This includes better optimization of URLs, search-friendly themes, automatic sitemaps, and microdata. Thanks to the latest innovations and too much technology at your leverage, you can specifically target your audience relates to the segments that you want to target. For example, if your online store specifically deals in the shoes, then you could select more specific set of keywords like running shoes, casual shoes, Chelsea boots, etc. So any person looking for these specific types of shoes is going to enter these keywords at the search engine and your website will be flashed at the top three results. Make sure that you have optimized the page title with the related description and have included the name of the products, brand, and serial number along with all the variant information like size, material, color, etc.

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According to the recent study, ads that are above the organic listing are bound to get 14 times more clicks than the ads on the right hand side of the page. So if there are no side ads, you have to fight it hard for the top listings and this would also increase the CPC upfront. Google’s Target Search Page Location bid strategy can be used to increase visibility on the first page. This will allow you to raise and lower the AdWords automatically. However, you need to ensure that nothing is guaranteed and you have to keep the efforts going on to make your Ecommerce store popular.


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