Handling Negative Feedback on Amazon

Amazon in a platform that allows you to showcase and see all of listed items, which may or may not be of use for you. It allows you to have two kinds of feedback, the first one is related to the reviews and feedback of the seller who has listed the items, and the other ones are from the list of buyers who have purchased and used the items and then have posted their reviews on it. the reviews from the buyer may has a slight positive side to it but if you are going to compare the reviews that have been posted by the buyers, then you may find them a mix of positive and negative both. This might be the main reason that you see a lot of negative reviews on the Amazon, thanks to the customers posting their views openly.

  • Easy Scenarios

In some of the matters, Amazon will review the negative feedback from the profile if:

  • The feedback has the use of too many filthy and inappropriate words that may not sound right.
  • The customer is going to include the personal details like address or telephone number in the comments from the invoice you sent them. In that case, the feedback will be taken off by the Amazon as sharing details is a big no for them.
  • There are many times when customers just want to confuse the potential buyer to stop them from buying a certain products. They might do it by giving the product a negative star rating and they will constantly rate it poor in the scales. Amazon removes such comments but there is a point. If the customer has mentioned a poor after sales services, then the comment is not going to be removed by Amazon.

So if you ever see certain comments that are similar to what we have discussed, you can expect or not expect Amazon to take them off.

  • Add more positive feedback

The best way to get rid of the negative feedbacks is adding more positive feedback to them. You can fix the profile by adding more positive reviews to it. For example, if you have a total of 90 feedbacks and just one of those might be negative then that little percentage may show as 95% positive! So if you are going to work it out right, only 10 positive feedbacks may bump the number from 95% to 99%. So if you are going to get one negative feedback, then you continue to do well so that you get more positive feedbacks and that is going to up the percentage automatically. This way, the more positive feedbacks are going to get added up, they will push the negative feedback down, eventually making it at the lowest of the page, making positive feedback skew the percentage back into favourable range.


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