How To Improve Your Customers Shipping Experience

The success of your ecommerce store is going to depend a lot on how you treat your customers and how well you are able to serve them once they have purchased something from your store. You must make your customer feel comfortable with the process you are delivering. He should feel inclined to buy more from your store and in order to make this possible, you must provide each of your customers a unique shipping experience.

  • Provide More Shipping Option

Don’t just limit your store to one or two options for shipping. In electronic commerce, you need to make sure that customer has more options to get the product delivered at his doorstep. Offer more shipping option like Standard delivery (7-8 days), First class delivery (3-4 days), Next day delivery, etc.

  • Provide an Estimated Delivery Date

There should be a proper estimated delivery time in the package that is being ordered by the customer. If you are not prompt in providing the necessary delivery details of the package, then the customer might feel neglected as he won’t be able to track the package as well. Make sure that you don’t miss to provide the estimated delivery date of the plan then only a customer can plan the day with the product.

  • Shipping Notification

Once the shipping is made, do drop a message or an email at the number and ID that the customer has provided. This will make him feel attended. This might be a very small thing in day to day life but it actually matters a lot in the longer run. This would help the customers to be sitting cool until the delivery date, otherwise the customers continuously make a call to the retailers to know about the status of the product.

  • SMS Notification

Like the mail notification, giving the customer all the details about the shipment via a SMS is going to keep him updated all the time. There are many people who are not in a habit of checking their mails on regular basis and an SMS will ensure that they get the information right on time and this will make them feel served well and will keep your customers again purchase from your ecommerce website.

  • Free Shipping

Once in a while, you have to treat your customers with free shipping. This gives them a special feeling that they are important to you and this also makes them buy more from your store. According to study it is clear that more than 70% of the customers need free shipping services and they are ready to wait additional 2 or 3 days to get the delivery.


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