How to Set Up a Loyalty Program and Increase Customer Lifetime Value

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If you are going to give importance to the customers who are loyal to your store and keep on coming back for more, then you can be sure they will end up getting you more business, as they are also going to recommend the store to their friends. This will make your store cater more clients across segments and it all boils down to the fact that which loyalty program you implement. From the data that you have collected overtime, figure out the clients who were least profitable and separate them with the ones who purchased a lot from your store. In this article, we are going to give you some of the benefits that you have if you run a loyalty program.

  • The biggest benefit you have with the loyalty program is the retention of existing customers. This means that they will keep on buying from your store while you promote it to get more customers.
  • Using the same program, you will also acquire new customers thanks to the benefit you will have on offer at the store.
  • Loyalty program will help you to push the repetitive customer automatically up in the buying ladder. This will help you convert the first time buyer into a loyal buyer and the buyers who buy on repetitive basis from you will spend more on your store.
  • It will also help you to win back lost customers as you can send them promotional emails telling them about the offer and discounts you have on the store.
  • When you increase the frequency of the customers who are buying goods from your store using a loyalty program, you will automatically increase the lifetime value of your customer.
  • Loyalty program will also let you identify your best customers. Once you identify them, you can keep a track on their purchase cycle and this can be further used for better understanding, advertising, merchandising, and customer service.
  • Always remember that people who are coming back to your store to make more purchases is because they like what you have on offer. A loyalty program will help you identify your potential brand champions.
  • Another advantage that you have with the loyalty program is you can keep a close eye at the competition. Using it will give your competitors a tough time peeling away your customers.

As you eventually learn who your best customers are and who are making purchases on repetitive basis, it helps you to reduce the overall advertising cost as you only give importance to those who have chances to convert into repeat customers.


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