How to Use Instagram for Ecommerce

Social media platform holds a lot of potential when it comes to marketing of any product that you have on offer. If you are going to look at the established players of E-Commerce in the market, then you can see that all of them are using some or the other form of social media to take a lead in the market. One such platform that is coming up well and can be used to turn the favors is Instagram. Here are some of the ways in which you can do it.

  1. Optimize Your Profile

Instagram gives you an option to add up the details in your profile and as it is a picture sharing social media platform, you can add as many pictures as you want. You also have an option to add link and description with each of the image and this allows you to give the followers a direct way to go to where the displayed product is, to make a purchase. The more pictures of what you have on offer will be there on your account, the more you will be able to make good sales.

  1. Post Amazing Photos

As we all know, Instagram is a picture sharing network and you need to make sure that you are posting lot of good pictures in your account to add more and more followers. The more amazing your picture is the better chances you will have to attract the potential buyers. Showcase your products in ways that look way better than crappy stock photos.

  1. Add Up More Followers With Use Of Hash-tags

The best ways to add up more followers on Instagram is by using the hash-tags on your every post. For example, if you are posting a picture of new line of clothing that is just being launched, then you could use the hash-tags like fashion, clothing, new range, women, etc. This will make sure that the post is flashed on the forums that have used the similar hash-tags and this will help you to gain more views and likes.

  1. Use Search Bar

Use search bar to look for people or groups that are talking about you by using your name. This will give an opportunity to evaluate the plan that you are using.

  1. Be Part Of It

Make sure that once you have made an account on the Instagram, then you are suing it on daily basis to update with details. Be part of the game and join conversation by giving your link into the pages that are related to products you have on offer.

  1. Follow Pages And People

Instagram works on a rule where when you follow a page or people, then most of them follow you back. This means the more people and pages you are going to follow the more you have chances to get followed back by people. Visit more and more pages and to increase the number of your followers.


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