Maintain a Healthier Pulse of your Seller Account

It’s a contemporary epoch of drones, gadgets, internet, data, e-commerce, etc. And when the term e-commerce arrives, it certainly glistens up the eyes of the shopaholics. So what makes it that sensational? Attractive deals, discounts, multiple brands, doorstep delivery, and so forth. The list is never-ending, that puts quite a challenge to brick and mortar stores. However, these brick and mortar sellers too are now at the verge of commencing the online journey, infact many of them are already there and making a handsome profit. So, shouldn’t all the traders set up online accounts and list up the products? Would that be just suffice? The answer is ‘No’. Setting up the accounts and listing up the products is not enough, you need to keep it juicing. Say you put oil in the engine so as to make it work smoothly, you certainly have to put some efforts here too in order to keep selling and making marginal profits. So, in order to maintain the health of your seller account, here are a few cues that ensure that the ball is in your court.

To begin with, let us ponder upon Inventory Management. As a seller, you are well aware of the term ‘inventory’ and hence understand the importance of managing it the righteous way. Mark this – You shall always put the exact count of the item in the inventory, that you actually physically have. There are circumstances where you rely upon the upcoming stock and under that impression, you increase the inventory count. What if the same day, there are multiple orders that you now cannot fulfill in the immediate timeline? Of course, you will have to bear the loss. Now again, in the anticipation of upcoming stock, you might not accept the order the first day, you bear the late fee, next day again if not, the fee doubles, third day it triples and finally you successfully get a bad reputation of not being able to fulfill the order and if this incidence happens thrice in one single month, your account goes kaput! Yes, you are suspended. The late fulfillments certainly lower down your ratings and non-fulfillment totally takes you down. So always maintain your inventory with right numbers! Next that affects your account is returns and exchange. There are cancellations too and customer denials of accepting the order, however, they are from user-end and hence not a topic to be worried about. But what shall be your concern is the returns. Many a times, customers are not satisfied with what they get, either the quality is not good, or sometimes there’s a color mismatch or fitting issue. Whatsoever be the reason, but your item gets returned and hence your ratings are affected. Not just the rating, you even bear the expenses like logistics, taxes, portal charges, etc. Therefore, to eschew such loss, you need to be really authentic about the product. It shall appear as genuine as you describe it in title, keywords or the content. Avoid color enhanced photos for the products, try to showcase the actual item with absolute clarity and from several angles as desired. Next is the customer reviews. And if the customer is satisfied with your product there will be positive comments and sureshot good ratings! What you need to maintain is the authenticity, right inventory and timely dispatch. Good reviews and good reputation will automatically follow. These are some really simplified tips for the new sellers who have flocked onto the online shopping portals so that they are able to escalate further and soon make good profits.

Are we forgetting something? Yes, we are! We have such an advanced technology, that enables us to track our own progress and even give us honest numbers and competitive analysis. Almost every portal gives you such statistics. So why to hesitate tracking yourself, just browse the right tab and everything you need is there. With accurate decisions, soon you will be a top rated seller and hence automatically become eligible for many sales, promotional offers and so. Yes, your ratings actually can enable you of great seasonal and promotional sales. You are able to participate in them offering good discounts and attracting a plethora of customers. Again more sale and hence more profit. E-commerce now sound that ain’t bad (wink)! Anyway, don’t just create the account and sit back. Be active. Just stick to the basics and you’ll soon be a pro!


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