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When you run an Ecommerce portal, the first thing that you need to take care of is the customer reach and how well you are able to market your brand amongst the masses. Thanks to the user awareness, internet has taken everything by storm and there are more and more shoppers getting added to the online portals each day than anyone could have ever imagined. So, what is the best way to grab their attention and make your portal reach out to the different segments? Electronic commerce runs on the fact that how well you are able to connect with people and use of multi lingual languages are going to enhance your exposure by ten folds. To cater to the needs of different geographical regions, your site needs to present in the regional languages. You can meet the needs of the international audience, by having your site customisable to display in more than one language and currency. This will allow the customers to connect with you site in a much simplified manner, allowing you to close in more sales.

Many other Ecommerce sites have most of two language support that is they either have English as the only language option, or they have English as primary and Hindi as secondary language options. If you are going to put more than these languages then you it will help you reach customers you would normally not have reached. This is one of the best ways to increase your sales without putting in too much of investment.

  • Regional sales matters a lot. So if the locals are going to know that you have your office right at their location, rest assured they are going to drop in more enquiries and they will be more than happy to know that you have a regional language enabled page as well. Having a multi-lingual website is one of the first step to introducing your brand and products in a new country or region.
  • Once a customer is used to the purchase process and the overall feel of the website, then they will be keep coming back for more. With more and more people getting access to internet from mobile devices, they have more easy approach to make payments and purchase while they are on the go and this will serve them well if you have a page in their native language along with English.

This might be the right time to make the said changes in your website because there aren’t many brands available in the Ecommerce platforms that are following this process. With 500 million people who speak in Hindi, Indian ECommerce is inching towards catering to rural and semi-rural areas.


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