New Ecommerce Themes for Websites, And How They Will Help In Increasing Retailer Revenue

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For people who are looking for new and enhanced options to promote their E commerce stores now have the advantage to choose from 67 new themes that are on offer by pixel union. These themes are unique, responsive and come with variants that enable you to choose the look and feel of the websites. This will help you to attract audiences from each segment, using different themes for framework resulting in almost 10% increase in the revenue for your website.

Most of the retailers have given positive reviews on the same and they are expecting a lot from it. You will be able to create modern site aesthetic while adding new functionality to your store that will give your clients a new and improved shopping experience. The themes have product display features that let you optimize the sizes and catalogues to improve the promotions. It offers you the following advantages:

  • It has optimised design integration for people who use mobile platform to do all the shopping. The new themes have latest advancements in design incorporated in them that gives a whole new and rich experience to the shoppers, no matter the device they are using to make the purchase.
  • Retailers will now have the option to choose from the seamless customization and look options in real time. This means that you will be able to change the font and colours to the palettes and the top selling sections can be featured with added icons to highlight them from the rest.
  • The themes also have built in search that allows the user to filter and discover more options. This helps you boos the conversation rates by almost 10%.
  • The themes have an integration to feature all the fields on a single page and this lets the customers to view everything without having the need to scroll a lot. Many retailers have reported 12% increase in conversation rate.

If you want to stay competitive in today’s environment, then you have to make sure that you are providing a very satisfactory experience to the shopper. With new themes, you will be able to run an engine that is more powerful and this will put you ahead from the competition. The new themes can be purchases from the marketplace with prices ranging from $145 to $235. You also have an option to download seven themes for free.

If you are going to look at all the advantages that are on offer by the new themes, then they definitely make investing in them a very good choice. The coming months will also be seeing lot of updates on the same that will give direct access to the HTML/CSS code for advanced customizations


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