Online Marketplace Management- Freelancers v/s Team

Online marketplace like eBay, Amazon  & others are offering sellers from all over the globe, a platform on which they can sell their products, even if they do not have their own online store.

These marketplaces provide a venue for sellers and buyers to meet and do business. Other basic benefits of selling on these marketplaces are flexibility, business liberty and low operation costs.

Online marketplaces empower Sellers

Online marketplace empower the sellers by providing them live trending statistics within the marketplace, and the opinions of their consumers. This data further helps them to improve their positions within the marketplaces. However, the probable advantages to be gained by joining a marketplace will differ between industries and businesses, and indeed between buyers and the sellers.


Selling on online marketplaces begins with creation of profiles-

If a seller wants to get the benefits of these marketplaces, the first thing they need to do is to create profiles on the most popular marketplaces. But, creating and managing online profiles on these marketplaces is not everyone’s cup of tea. Inexperienced sellers would require assistance or training. When the seller realises that he/she won’t be able to manage the online profiles all by themselves, they have two options.

1: – Hire a Marketplace Management Company

2: – Hire a Freelancer


The key points below will help to make a right choice between the two options-


Better Scope Of Expertise-

If a seller hires a freelancer to manage the profiles on marketplaces, then they rely on a single person’s knowledge, capacity & experience. On the other hand, if they hire an experienced and professional team for the same job, then they can tap in the collective experience & expertise of the team.  This matters because a single freelancer cannot be compared with a team.




Better time dedication & faster job completion-

Online marketplace requires regular pricing and inventory updates which the Marketplace Management Company can do better as they have dedicated teams who can easily divide their time and focus as per the requirement. Hiring these managers, even leads to timely job completion because a team has multiple people working on varied aspects of the job and in the case of an addition to tasks, the same team can easily divide the work and complete the extra activity on time.

Unlike them, a freelancer has to multitask on multiple projects at the same time and in the case of extra work, illness etc, they might not be in a position to perform tasks with ease. This very condition affects job completion also because a freelancer already manages a list of ongoing tasks and if he gets stuck in a task or is unable to complete a task, it will adversely affects the other list of task in pipeline.





So, it can be deduced that management of profiles on online marketplaces is a job better done by a team and so it is better to engage Online Marketplace Managers for managing the Online profiles.


Are you a retailer who is looking for a place to hire these Managers?

enewcleus is your one-stop Marketplace Managers with whom you can sell easy, sell more.

We provide the services of

Store Management :-

  1. Account setup on Amazon/eBay/etsy
  2. FBA Set up
  3.  Multi Channel  Fulfillment Set up
  4.  Ungating/Category approval & Brand approval
  5.  Order & Inventory Management
  6.  Return &   Refund Management
  7.  Payment Reconciliation
  8. Customer Support (over Email/skype/Whatsapp Support)
  9.  Negative Feedback & Review Management
  10. Positive Feedback and Review management
  11. Stock & Replenishment management (FBA)
  12.  Sponsored ad Management (PPC) / Promotion Creation
  13.  Store  & Product Optimization
  14.  Research Reports & Analysis


Value Added Services:-

  1. Flat File Making/Conversion
  2. Product Listing
  3.  Product Description
  4. A+ Cataloguing
  5.  Photo Editing


enewcleus- sell easy, sell more.


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