Reasons to Leave Online Marketplaces and Start Your Own Online Store

There comes a point when you realize that doing your own business can be lot more profitable than the option you are currently pursuing. If you are making plenty good money as a vendor then you could calculate on your own that how much more you can make if you are going to start your own online store. How? Well, read ahead.

  • Get More On What You Have Invested

Most of the people have questions in their mind that they have to bear most of the expenses when they will start their own online store. The truth of the matter is most of the online stores have basic point-of-sale services for around $9-10 per month. So if you are going to start up an online store, the initial expenses per month would stand around in the neighborhood of $30 per month. There are also some free options available like Wix and Spaces and both offer E-Commerce solutions for new start-ups and small business. They are both very easy to use and allow you ample time to get all the idea of running such platforms.

  • Creating Your Own Brand

If you are going to start up today, then you will be eventually building up your brand in the coming future. If you are going to ask people about the major brands in the market, then they will come up with names like Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

The point here is you have to make a start, no matter how hard it looks to you. Once you will be setting up the store, then you can look forward to make it grow each day. There are lot many options to explore from and to build the brand; you could offer products at far more discounted rates than these stores. If you are not going to do this, then you will continue to work for bigger brands and will make their brand value stronger day by day.

  • Market Your Own Company

Whatever you are investing today, both time and money, if you are going to do that for your own company, then it is going to benefit you far better than the company you are doing it for. Most of the bigger players in the market are only interested in your workings as long as you sell the products in their name. In short, all your hard work is paying off in the betterment of someone Else brand.

When you will initiate your own store, you will have all the time and money for the investment for your own good. This means that no other company will be benefited on posting, writing, and management that you are doing for the promotion of the brand you have established.


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