Role of Content and People in Overall E-commerce Buying Cycle

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Have you ever wondered what defines the buying cycle of each consumer that regularly checks the E-Commerce portals and buys products from there? Have you ever thought about the thinking pattern of individual customer that urges him to come back to your store to make more purchases? The answer would be a definite no as we all are consumed into much bigger picture of marketing, completely ignoring the smaller areas that have wide opportunities and need for improvement. In this article, we are going to shed some light on how content and people’s overall buying pattern can result in more sales.

  • Awareness

People are aware about what they are buying, how they are buying and from where they are buying. If you think that they don’t know what you have on offer and you can lure them easily, you might be wrong. What content does is it takes the consumer to the link where you have the product for them and they will have a look at it. Keywords are going to help you a lot in this manner and this way, you will be able to help the purchaser out in their decision making process. Once consumers are engaged, you have the opportunity to give a voice to your brand using these ecommerce strategies.

  • Generating Interest

This can be done using all the possible tools that you have with you. Include images, use promotional offers, and discounts and throw in additional offers to the customers who buy on regular basis from your portal. Having detailed product specifications will emphasis on your brand’s unique features and will attract more audience.

  • Purchase

Once you are able to get the attention of the public, you will be able to close in sales, depending on the rates and offers that you have on the portal. Time-bound offers and discounts persuade the first time customer to buy more from your store.

  • Loyalty

If you have loyal set of customers who buy from your portal on regular basis, then luring them with more promotional offers will ensure them bring more business at your E-Commerce store. In electronic commerce, constant touch to the base of your customers is always going to help you a lot. Producing interesting content related to your product along with all the right keywords will make sure that customers remain loyal. Thanking your customers for having faith in your brand and reminding them the same on regular basis is a good practice to make your brand synonymous with your product. This will make them more aware about the new introduction that you might be having in your line-up and thus this will enhance your chances to close in more sales.


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