Some Challenges Majority of the E-Commerce Players Face in India

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Running an E-Commerce store in India requires lot of patience and planning if you are looking for the long term perspective. As you have immense opportunity to get your hands on, when it comes to exploring Indian market, you need to be both precise and updated in order to capture more and more market. Despite your best efforts, you are bound to face heat from the competition as well as the market and in this article; we are going to show you the areas that needs to be given importance the most.

  • Too Much Products Returns

Indian customers are never satisfied with the products most of the time. They want it to be on the exact specifications they saw on the site and if the products fail to deliver it by even 3-5%, they return the product. Though consumer remorse is a global problem, it is all the more prevalent in a country like India. Returns can be expensive for the majority of E-Commerce players as you have to pay for the shipping to get the product picked up from the customer’s home and you have to bear all such expenses.

  • Cash On Delivery

This is another issue that is faced by the electronic commerce players. Almost 75% of the customers opt for cash on delivery, as they fear that once they have paid for the product, the store might not get it delivered and they will lose their money. They might be okay to pay for the product is the price is less, but when it comes to getting products that are more than of 1000 Rupees, they are sceptical.

  • Payment Gateways Are Not Smooth

Payment gateways leaves lot to be desired as too many times the link fails during the transaction and the customer ends up losing the money. This is another reason why many of them opt for cash on delivery as they don’t trust the payment system of an online store.

  • Stocks Not Updated Timely

Many of the online stores fail to update their stock on regular basis and this also makes the clients reach for other stores that have updated stocks with them. In order to keep your clients stick to your store, you need to keep the stocks in abundance.

  • Non Standardised Postal Address

Logistics Company fail to deliver the products at the said address and the customers get the call to ask about exact location. E-commerce strategy must be designed in a way that makes thing smooth and easy for clients. Customers who get the products delivered on time right at the doorstep without checks from the company is going to value the service for years to come.


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