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While listing up products online and setting up the complete catalogue of your products, there are a copious of things to keep in mind, a lot many guidelines and yardsticks to be followed. If not, then it doesn’t qualifies your product for selling on its site. These include criteria not only for images or titles, but for key features and descriptions too. The overall content and details of the products affects the sales and visibility. So how shall we prepare an apposite content for our products that will maximize not just the clicks but also the actual sales on the most exalted platform Well, here are a few quick and easy to comprehend steps that you need to remember while designing the elucidation of your items.

To start with, the first thing that matters the most is the title of the product. Certainly you need to give an excellent name to your item such that one is able to view it on every relevant search keyword. Also, do you remember how the capitalization of letters affects the way we perceive things, written? Sure you do! Coz’ that’s really gonna help you drafting the title. You need to capitalize first letter of each word of the title except for the conjunctions or prepositions, of course! Then, definitely it is bad manners to include promotional words such as ‘discount’ or ‘sale’ or ‘best item’ in a title. After all you’re naming your product not its features, and it’s definitely not you to decide if you sell the best discounted product(pun intended.. :P). Next you try to cover up almost all significant key search words for designing your title so that you top the search list with all relevant keyword. This keyword rule is not applied to titles only, but also to the key features and descriptions. Talking about key features, these are the specific characteristics of your product that help you stand out from the common ones that are already available in the market. These highlight the quality and specifications such as the dimensions, warranty informations, etc; which you write in maximum bullet points. Again no promotional or pricing or brand information is included here. Also, any kind of vague statements are highly discouraged.

Next, let us come on to the specific or the right place for showcasing your brand name. This is the exact place where you write your uniquely identifiable symbol, name or trademark, that manifests your product line. For ex. Ericsson. Now brand names are different from the manufacturers’ names. However, in cases where, the manufacturer only deals in one single kind of product, both are the same. As in manufacturer’s’ name includes the name of the one who makes that product. Ex. Sony.

Moving on to the main recipe i.e. Product Description. Here, you just don’t describe the major product characteristics, such as size or style, but also include the most important thing i.e. its usage. ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ are the two questions that are to be answered when it comes to usage. Also, you include cautions and risks. There is also warranty information and other such required details. Now the important part is to add these spices in a correct amount i.e. using correct grammar, punctuation, and complete sentences. Also abstaining from using seller name, websites, links or promotional language.

Last but not the least comes the actual product. Ultimately it is the image that will attract the customer the most. This doesn’t imply to use highly Photoshoped images that totally differ from what is real. Because, returns of the orders with reasons of unfulfilled expectations really harm your profile and reviews. Therefore, Amazon has already created a few norms, following which only, will let you upload the image of the product. Some of them are avoiding colorful backgrounds, watermarks, drawings, promotional texts, and such artificial decorations. Including several aspects of the product in high quality that doesn’t pixelate on zoom and so on. And hence your dish is ready to be served and tasted(and then appreciated!). Complying to these directions, makes it really easy for you to get genuine ratings and increased sales. The good reviews and increased successful orders improve seller’s visibility, that further enhances the business. So in a gist, keep it simple and genuine, and especially stick to the point.


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