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When you run a E commerce store, then you need to be clear on two facts, you need to keep the shipping costs down than the competitors and you need to give more options to your clients and customers so that they keep coming back to you for more. Keeping the costs down alone is not enough and you need to work other things along with it too. Offering the right shipping options to your customers at the right times will make them order more goods than usual and this will be cherry on top of your pie. Having full control over your shipping means you can offer them low rates while still covering all of your costs. Here, let’s have a detailed look at the same.

  • Product Size and Weight

The first thing that you need to take care of is the product size and its weight. Sizes and weight might vary from product to product and you need to ensure that you are offering to your customers are the best possible rates. You need to take care of the weight and dimensions so that you can get accurate rates for the courier.

  • Shipping Destinations

Domestic shipping is going to cost you a lot less as compared to overseas shipping. Have your rates set as per the zones so that you might be able to give your clients some offer. For example, if you are set in New York, then you could offer cheaper rates for shipping to mid-Atlantic region.

  • Shipping Options

Shipping options will give your customers a chance to get the products at an overall low price. To make sure that you are charging your clients less, look beyond the big carrier names and find the one who will be ready to do the job at a far lesser price. This can be done if you are going to give them fix work on monthly basis. With local carriers, you have an advantage to build up rates based on number of items or weight in order to offer these options to your customers. With domestic consumers, you also have an option to make them pick the items from a said store that will benefit you to give them additional discounts.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is customer satisfaction. The more you are going to delight them, the more you can be sure that they do their next shopping with you. Keeping them posted with new offers and you could also come up with free shipping if they order anything more than a certain price. Offers like this will keep the existing customers hooked and will help you keep on adding more.


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