Things to Compete on Besides Price in an E-Commerce Store

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When you run an online shopping portal, then you need to take care of lot many things apart from the price of the product alone, if you want to compete with many similar players in the market, if you are looking forward to increased sales. Lower price of a similar product will no doubt attract more customers to your portal, but you also have to ensure that you are focusing on other areas on Ecommerce as well, that will give you more edge when compared to your competitors.

  • Wider Range Of Products

Every customer wants variety today and you have to give them more options for the same price point. This means that if you are able to garner their attention with more product line-up at similar price point, and right ecommerce news, then you can be sure they will end up buying more than one product from your store. For example, if you are selling only jeans, then you have an option to add a line up of T-shirts and shirts with matching shades that goes well with all the jeans you have featured. This means that a customer will have more options at single scroll and this hugely increases your chances of closing more sales.

  • Well Organized Layout

A well organized layout of the electronic commerce portal will make it lot easy for a customer to look out for products that you have on offer. Complex design and structure of website might be good to look at, but you need to focus on simplicity and ease of use, rather than spicing up the website all together. Adding options like testimonial video, reviews from the customers who have purchased similar product from your portal in the past will help you garner instant attention and will give you high ticket items sales.

  • A Personal Approach To Customer Service

You must have a defined approach to customer service where you are able to identify their problems in a lot better manner. This means that you need to keep a close check at your competitors and make changes in your strategies that will allow you to provide the best shopping experience to each of the customers. This can be done by keeping a close track at their queries and evolving your page from time to time.

  • A Reward Points Program

All of us want offers and all of us want to be rewarded with purchase points so that we can trade these points in the future purchases on the same portal. To get more discounts in the future, customers are going to buy more products from your store and will also make them feel very special.



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