Why Every Ecommerce Store Should Use Web Tracking

For an Ecommerce store to perform well, it becomes essential that you make sure to keep a vigilant eye on your subscribers and repetitive customers in order to ensure your sales keep on pointing north. If you don’t have the right web tracking enabled in your ecommerce store, then you must get one done straight away.

  • How It Works

Each of the web tracking program is particular to the ecommerce portal it is aimed at. It starts with inserting a snippet of code into the HTML of your portal and then it allows you to gather up all the related data that gives you the insight on how your subscribers interact with your website.

  • Right Approach

Using web tracking, you can have a tailor made approach to all your customers; targeted and regular alike. This means that you can see which of them are more active on your website and what are the lists of products that are being viewed on repetitive basis.

  • Broad Choices

With tracking, you have broad choices to choose from that will help you to keep a right track on your clients. It also allows you to take a note of the subscribers who are not active on your portal from a very long time and you have an option to send them offer mails to grab their attention. Customers who are active on your site but haven’t made any purchases from a while might just need a little push in the terms of additional discount or offers to make them purchase from your portal. Using the web tracking, you can also keep an eye on the specific product category the subscriber has viewed in the past. For example, if you have a set of subscriber that only checks out the trouser section in men’s segment, then it will be lot more easy for you to target them with specific offers and discounts on trousers by sending them more relevant emails.

  • Being Specific

Using web tracking, you can be more specific in your set of emails that can be targeted to a particular segment over a particular product. This will results in far lesser abandoned carts and it will increase the chances of subscribers coming back for more purchases. So if a customer has just made a purchase of a pair of shoes that are brown in color, you can up sell them by displaying related items like pair of socks or similar pattern of shoes in different colors.

Web tracking is one of the best tools that can be used to target specific set of clients with definitive results that is sure to make your portal register more sales.


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